Thursday, March 21, 2013

So, I am really bad at updating my blog with all the work I'm doing. I get caught up in doing different assignments and my own things that the pieces I want to post get forgotten about. Here are some digital paintings I've done using Photoshop.

Abominable Snowman
Made with perfect circles and straight edges

Robot Saving Human in Desert:

This was a completely new technique for me. I started out with a good line drawing

Next, I transferred the drawing to watercolor paper, lightly just blocking in shapes with graphite. This next part is what was new. I'm not very familiar with watercolor, but I painted my piece quickly letting the natural watercolor texture show. 

Finally I put the piece into Photoshop and painted layers digitally in between my watercolor layer and my line layer.  You can see that I added mountains in the back, but you can still see some of the water color texture shine through the digital paint. Even though this was a new technique for me, it's one that I actually really like! It gives me a process to follow and allows me to add cool effects to my piece. Lemme know what you think!

P.S I have to say this because I'm pretty excited! I got into the BFA Program for Illustration! 


Beautiful piece we saw in a small gallery

Burt Silverman

Look! We're just like Wicked!

Marshall Harrison's Monkey

Donato's sketches

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I went to New York City last week during Spring Break with some people from the art department at UVU. It was such a fun trip, not to mention inspiring. We visited with some amazing artists: Donato Giancola, Burton Silverman, Brad Holland, and Marshall Harrison. They were each so different and I learned a ton. Here are some photos of the trip. 

Burton Silverman- He's an 84 year old man who still paints. Most of his pieces are regular joes and portraits. 

Marshall Harrison-He had a ton of sculpted monkeys all around his studio. He also does oil crayon drawings that are inspired by cave paintings...drawings on top of drawings, with rainbows thrown in. I'll try to post some more when I get the pics with me.

Awesome street art!

Lord of the Rings-Donato Giancola

Donato's home. What I love about Donato (other than his artwork) is the fact that he has a family and still is a family man. It seems like so many artists are so married to their artwork that it consumes their lives. Donato had toys in corners at his house and drawings done by his children. He spoke in a lecture at BYU last year, and he told us that he treats his art as a regular job, which I really expect. He works from "9-5" but after 5pm he puts away his art and he spends time with his kids and wife. 

Dead Mermaid-Donato Giancola

Me and my friend Natalie in Donato's Studio.(PS that's Donato in the yellow)

Donato's workspace

This is the mural on the ceiling at the Rockefeller. I thought it was awesome because it's got men using the pillars as their stepping stones.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I have been wanting to do this painting forever! It's something just for myself. I did the sketch last summer and have been waiting to have time to work on it, and then finally time to finish it. I just submitted it along with 16 other pieces to the BFA program at UVU. Hopefully this piece will help me get in.