Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This was the best Halloween costume ever. I sewed a mask to be a voodoo doll and I won the  'Scariest Costume Contest"/ Then after the holiday was over I decided I wanted to paint it. This, like the last few, is water color. What do you think? Creepy?


I'm turning into one of "those" people. It's only mid November and I am so excited for the Christmas season. I cannot wait for it. Every drawing I do incorporates something Christmassy in it. This painting was based off the idea of work--that I've done. When I was younger (pretty much up until 2 years ago) I've had to play the piano or sing at our family Christmas parties. I love playing the piano and this painting is how I wish I felt performing for my family


So I wanted to paint something but I had no idea what. I asked my boyfriend for 2 words: he gave me sock and then a lot of other words that weren't really fun to work with. The first thought I had was mobster. So here you are, a mobster interrogating the distraught sock layed out in front of him. This was done in water color and is one of the first I've done

Ice Cream Land!!! 2011

So really? Isn't this everyone's dream rather than  just a kids? True, this girl is super lucky and I know, we all wish we could be her