Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Grandpa & Grandma

Okay, so here is the second project I was working on this summer. (the first one is really long so I haven't figured out how to scan that one in yet.) This is a surprise painting for my Grandma. My Grandpa died about 10 years ago, and my grandma has begun struggling a lot with her health. She is in an assisted living home and I hope this will make her happy.

I know a lot of artists use this technique, but I learned it from Donato Giancola. Although I am not really "into" fantasy art, I think  he is probably one of my favorite artists; he is amazingly talented, successful, and really nice guy.  So here are the steps I took.

Drawing: I drew the picture on Reeves paper (it's nice and soft and erases pretty easily)

Next, I made a photo copy of my drawing onto Mi Tientes toned paper. I then used mat gel medium and mounted it to my piece of board. Then, I painted a value layer with acrylic

Done! I finished it off with oil paint!