Friday, May 31, 2013


I just got a job at the Creativity Art Studio in Orem by the University Mall movie theater. It was pretty amazing actually. Trent and I went there for a date and I brought my resume and the owner, Chris, hired me right there. Okay okay, so it's a second job...I don't get great hours so I'm still working in insurance, but Chris is having me teach some of the Kids Summer Camp classes...which is great!! I've taught my own classes the last two summers and thought about renting a space this summer, but decided against it with other stuff going on. (ps. here's their website : I made the coolest milk and cookie cup btw! I'll post it when I get it back) Anyway, this first week for the summer camps is "Legendary Creatures"; so I was looking up different characters, researching what I wanted to teach when I came upon a banshee. I was interested because I always wondered what the difference was with a banshee and a witch besides a wailing scream and moan.
The definition I found described a Banshee as wailing (of course) mournfully at death but also described her as having silver white hair and carrying around a white comb which she'd use to stroke her locks. Anyway, I felt inspired so here:

I thought the one below was interesting. It just looked a lot different to me in black and white rather than toned.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

So, I'm trying to not let myself slack off this summer. During the school semester's any free time I have is spent doing hours and hours of work on my projects, but then as soon as summer comes and I don't have actual deadlines I have a hard time staying productive. I'm currently working on a painting for an art show that's coming up in July. I have a piece that will be in the Covey Center for the Arts Summer Showcase, and am going to enter some in American Fork's Steel Days Art Show. But, while I'm working on the painting for this upcoming show, I still want to be doing some smaller pieces to show. So, here is a quick sketch I did. It hints at what this painting will be that's coming up....wait and see if you can guess the connection :)